Voice Over

We have had the opportunity to work on many different voice over projects.  Everything from multiple types of books on CD, to audio for the web, to audio for instructional videos, to radio commercials to hypnosis.

Some of the clients that we have had the opportunity to work on include Stephen Covey, Tom Kane, Van Farnworth (history book audio for schools), Certiport, Nature’s Sunshine Products and more.

When it comes to voice over work, our goal is for our work to be as transparent as possible.  In other words, when we are done editing, the end result is a natural voice over that has the right pace and sounds like it was nailed perfectly the first time.  We pay attention to the details in both the words and the breaths.  We can also remove most mouth noise that is common among voice recordings.

Editing usually takes more time than the recording.  In fact, it usually takes 3 minutes to edit every 1 minute of recorded audio.

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