This has been a fun time of the year for us to see local talent making their way to television.  There are currently 3 artists/groups who have used Noisebox Studios that are currently competing on television.

Amy Whitcomb, lead vocalist of The Whits has been competing with the group Delilah in the Sing Off.  You can hear more of Amy singing for The Whits on our demos page.

McKay Crockett, is one of the leads of Vocal Point, BYU’s acapella group.  They are also in The Sing-Off.  McKay Crockett is also featured on our demos page with the song “Unbreakable.”

The Anser, featuring singer/songwriters, Patrick James, Jarrett Burns, and Gray Aydelott are competing on the X-Factor.  They recorded their acoustic songs for their videos, “Dancing in the Light (Unplugged), and “No Strings (Unplugged)” at Noisebox Studios.  These recordings were recorded live with no post editing on the tracks.  Here is their audition for the X-Factor:

Here are their Acoustic Videos: