Control RoomNoisebox Studios is currently looking for bands to be part of the Best of Utah Valley Local Bands CD. We are looking for bands of various styles that are skilled in performance and songwriting. We would like bands varying from styles like Jack Johnson, John Mayer, Lifehouse, 3 Doors Down, Coldplay, Goo Goo Dolls, Modest Mouse, Switchfoot, Jimmy Eat World, Dave Matthews and more. If you feel that your band belongs on this collection CD, please contact Dave (email address on Contact Us Page).

We are interested in making a deal with 10 bands that would allow an opportunity for them to make money and get heard by a larger audience. We are interested in recording (or re-recording) one of your most popular songs to be on this album and supplying you with 100 collection CD’s to sell. The cost is only $500. If the CD’s are sold at $10, then your bands will make their money back when they sell 50, and they will make $500 if they sell all 100 CD’s. They can also purchase more CD’s after the 100 for just $5 a piece. Your band will also have the rights to sell their recorded song on their own CD or on itunes one year after the collection CD’s release date.

[Edit] With school about out and many bands moving away this spring, we have decided that the promotional opportunity of this CD release will best suit a release in the Fall (with preparation/recording in the Summer and early Fall). We are, however, still accepting any bands that are interested to be part of this in the Summer and Fall.