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Set-up an appointment to come in for a free consultation on your project or to check out the studio. We can discuss your needs and what you are trying to accomplish. You won’t be pressured into making any decisions while you are here.

Our rates are between $85-$125 depending on the Engineer/Producer running the session. Sessions with Dave Zimmerman are $125/hr.

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We Offer the Following Services


All Services are the same hourly rate



  • We have a larger tracking room (450 square feet) a vocal booth and a large control room.
  • Any combination of the three rooms can be used to record instruments. We have world class equipment and software that will allow you to to get great sounding tracks quickly and efficiently.



  • We have connections to great studio musicians and a large library of virtual instruments. We can help flesh out the arrangement of your music to a professional level. 


Audio Editing

  • With our large selection of software applications and plug-ins, we can do anything that is possible with current technology.
  • We always recommend getting the best performance possible at the start. After that, we can help tighten up pitch and timing issues with a variety of the latest tools. We use Melodyne, Revoice Pro and AutoTune for the best sounding and quickest pitch correction possible.
  • We can deliver and convert audio to mp3’s, aiff, wav and various other formats.
  • We specialize in audio editing for books on CD. We have been involved in multiple Books on CD projects including many of Steven Covey’s “7 Habits” series audio books.



  • We do a lot of mixing on your project while tracking. However, we will still need additional time when you are finished recording and editing. The rest of the mixing is usually done on our own time but clients are definitely welcome to be present. This is where we balance the level between instruments, add dynamic processing, EQ, effects, panning, detailed automation and whatever else is needed to make your song sound great.
  • We have mixed thousands of songs and can mix very quickly and efficiently since we can start from numerous templates that we have created. We have a large variety of great sounding plug-ins.
  • Mixing can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 3 or more hours depending on the complexity of the project. Songs that are a single instrument and a vocal will take the least amount of time, where projects with acoustic drum kits typically take at least 2 hours a song. If you are recording your full band with live drums, a minimum of 1.5 hours are required per song for mixing. We will not rush the mixing process to deliver poor quality.
  • We do mix other projects done outside of our studio. We prefer Pro Tools files, Logic or Garage Band files.  You can also export the individual tracks saved as broadcast wav files (please call us to get instruction on how to prepare these properly).



  • Mastering is the process of adding the final touches to your final mix as a whole to make it sound its best on a variety of sound systems. It also involves proper CD programming to create a CD Master that can be sent out for replication or duplication.
  • We master with a large variety of high quality software. We can deliver DDP files for quick and easy delivery for replication and duplication.



How much do you charge?

Our rates are between $85-$125 depending on the Engineer/Producer running the session. Sessions with Dave Zimmerman are $125/hr. The time it takes to complete a project varies from project to project.

Check out: The Recording Process for estimated times.

Can you help with Music Arranging and Producing?
Yes. Many of our clients may just come in with a guitar or piano and vocals and we can help flesh out the rest of the production. Contact us with more details and we can clarify whether we would be a great fit for producing your project.
Do you work on explicit material?

While we respect all points of view in this matter, we do not work on explicit material including music that is profane, vulgar, satanic, sexual or violent. 

It is important that you feel comfortable in the studio by working with somebody that has the same goals and musical taste as you. If your music is explicit, we can offer some recommendations of other studios/engineers that would be a better fit for your project.

Do you accept interns?
We do accept some unpaid internships. These internships are typically the opportunity to be present during sessions. We currently don't offer formal training with our internships. To apply to be an intern, you must fill these following requirements:

  1. Be 18 or older
  2. You must own some degree of a recording rig which would include a microphone, an interface and recording software.
  3. Must either be currently enrolled in a program dedicated to music production or recording--OR--Have recorded at least 6 songs where at least 2 of them were for somebody other than yourself or a relative.

If you feel you meet these requirements and would like to pursue this further, contact us through our "Contact Us" form.

Are you hiring?
We are not currently looking to hire for any positions. When we do hire, we will likely consider our interns first. However, our studio may be available for rent for you to use with your own clients. Contact us for more details.
What payment do you accept?
We accept cash, credit and debit cards including Visa, Discover, American Express and Master Card.  We can also accept Paypal and Venmo. We do not accept check.

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