Provo Orem Utah Recording Pro ToolsNoisebox Studios is now running a full blown Pro Tools HD system. Pro Tools HD is the most popular recording software found in professional studios world wide. With our Pro Tools system, we are able to record and play back up to 192 audio tracks at the same time with hundreds of midi tracks and over 160 auxillary busses/tracks. Our Pro Tools system includes all of the HD3 plug-ins including compressors that give the sound of high end analogue gear such as the 1176, LA-3A, Purple Audio MC77, Fair Child 660 and 670, JoeMeek SC2 and many, many more. Pro Tools runs flawless with our Waves Platinum Bundle which are popular for their amazing sound and quality. Melodyne (pitch correction software) is also compatible inside of Pro Tools.

Pro Tools is known for its amazing audio editing capabilities. If you plan to record all audio, or mainly audio, we suggest that you choose Pro Tools to have the most flexibility and most power available to make the recording process of your project the most transparent. If you plan to use lots of midi, synths, loops and other music production tools, then we suggest Sonar for the job.

With Pro Tools HD running on our Mac Pro which includes Quad Xeon Processors from Intel, we will have plenty of power for your most demanding recording needs.