Mission Statement: The mission of Noisebox Studios is to be Utah’s best recording and media music solution for uplifting entertainment. We value quality over quantity and are dedicated to surpassing our clients’ expectations.

Because we are committed to uplifting music, we do not record music that’s profane, vulgar, violent, satanic, or sexual. If you are not sure if your music fits these categories, contact us and we can further clarify.

We do not allow alcohol, tobacco or drugs in the studio. Food in the studio is fine as long as drinks are kept in a re-sealable container.

Our facility is not designed to be a waiting area for little children. Little children find recording studios to be boring (especially when they realize they can not play with the equipment or instruments). Please do not bring them with you unless they are recording on your project. In those cases, if they will have waiting times, please bring another adult to supervise them while you are recording or focused on your project.

An $125 deposit (which will be applied toward the cost of your session) is required to schedule your first session. This deposit will be nonrefundable. If we receive a cancellation notice at least 24 hours before your reserved session time, we will work with you to reschedule at a more convenient time for both parties and apply your existing deposit for the new appointment.

Billing for the session at our established hourly rate starts from the beginning of your scheduled appointment, not from the time you show up (if later).

You are welcome to arrive up to 15 minutes before the session appointment without being charged for the time. This time can be used for setting up your instrument, warming up your vocals and/or getting yourself ready for the session. The billable session will start at your scheduled time and begins with studio set-up.

We do charge for studio set-up time, but not for take-down and clean up. Most instruments, including guitars, keyboards, basses, etc. (especially vocalists!) take minimal set-up time (typically about 5 minutes).

Live drums are more complex and typically take from 45 to 75 minutes to set-up, tune, establish ideal mic levels, arrange the session in the recording software, etc. Therefore, we recommend drum sessions be scheduled for a minimum of 2 hours. If we finish much earlier on a drum session, you will not be billed for the time not used.

As noted, changes and/or cancellations require at least a 24 hours notice. Our online scheduler will not allow you to cancel or change your session appointment after that point (you can still change or cancel the session via phone, email or text, but you will be charged $100 for the change).

If you miss your session without notifying us at all, you will be billed for the complete session appointment time you scheduled. You will be required to pay the balance due for that session before you can schedule your next session or receive any files from us.

Payment must be caught up at the end of each visit. Scratch or quick mixes, or other audio or session files will not be released by us until payment is made in full. A 10% monthly late fee will be applied on any remaining balance that goes unpaid past the due date.

If a project must be billed and can not be paid at the end of a session due to billing practices of an established business, then there will be an $50 billing service charge per invoice.

We accept Visa, Discover, Mastercard and American Express. We also accept PayPal, Venmo and cash. We do not accept personal checks.

We proudly stand behind our services. If you are dissatisfied with any of our services, let us know at the time, or contact us immediately with your concerns and we will do everything possible to make things right.

We hold your project for 30 days after the last time the project was worked on. If you think you might want to return to the project after more than 30 days, it is the client’s responsibility to request a copy of the session/project within this time period. Although we do not intentionally erase any old projects, we can not be held responsible for storing your project beyond 30 days.

If you plan to work on a project over an extended time period (more than 2 months), you should bring a hard drive to store a backup of your project through the life of the project.

We do everything possible to keep your projects safe while you are recording and mixing at Noisebox. We use uninterrupted power supplies to avoid losing progress on files due to a power outage or surge. We run auto-save on all of our applications while we work. We backup each day’s projects to cloud storage and to a separate hard drive. If your work is accidentally lost to circumstances beyond our control within 30 days of your last visit on that specific project, we will replace the work lost by crediting you back the studio time you used to create the project.

As the client, it is your responsibility to secure permission to use any copyrighted material in your project. We do not take any responsibility for any violation of copyright laws by you.

We keep your project private. We will not post your songs or give them away (whether partial or complete) without your permission. We want to be very careful to preserve the excitement of your future release.

If a third party is paying for your session, it is highly encouraged that you sign a contract with the third party which outlines, in advance, who has access to your project in its partial and complete states. If we are not informed to the contrary, we will assume the third party paying for the session has all rights to all of the mixes and session material that you worked on at Noisebox. Not having a contract in these situations can become very nasty if there are disagreements between you and the third party, so please consider a written document outlining the intent of the parties. Contact me if you would like some suggestions on what to include.

We appreciate your cooperation on these policies and look forward to having a fun time working on your project with you.