Apple Logic Studio 9

With many requests from clients that we work with  We have added Logic 9 Studio to our collection of software tools that we have available in the studio.  Logic is well known through out the industry to be one of the top DAW’s used by composers.  Logic Pro really shines on it’s midi features and implementation and provides many instruments and loops.  But this isn’t all.  Many top artists and musicians on Major Labels have done their recording and music production within Logic Pro (more info here).

With Logic available, this has opened more possibilities for our clients.  For example, we can now help finish off songs that musicians may have started in Garage Ban or Logic Express.  With Wave Burner being a part of Logic Studio, we can do the final CD mastering on our Mac instead of moving to CD Architect on the PC.  We can also help convert projects for people who need to transfer a project from Garage Band to Pro Tools, or Sonar to Logic and etc.

Our flagship samplers that we use are set-up to run inside of Logic.  So if you compose a song in Garage Band with piano, strings or drums that are included in that software, we can upgrade those sounds to Synthogy Ivory, East West Orchestra, Steven Slate Drums, or Superior Drummer.  This will allow us to upgrade your project studio songs and make them big and commercial.