Piano Keyboard (CME UF8)Noisebox Studios recenly invested in a CME UF8 piano keyboard. This keyboard features 88 hammerweighted keys designed with Yamaha to create a realistic piano feel. Combined with 1000’s of sounds available at Noisebox Studios, artists are able to be creative and compose music the way they intended it to be. The keyboard also features many controls that allows manipulation of the sounds from the keyboard. Noisebox Studios has sounds available ranging from synths, organs, pianos, symphonic orchestras, percussion, drum kits, and many many more.

Recording piano and other sounds using a midi controller (such as the UF8) and advanced MIDI software has many advantages. First of all, you have the choice to use many different sounds. After you have recorded your part, you can choose to easliy change your sound to find what works best for your composition. With many high quality piano sounds available these days, it is possible to make authentic sounding piano recordings using MIDIi.

Another huge advantage is the ability to edit your performance. If you make a mistake during your performance, we can easily go into your take and edit the note(s) that are not right. We can also quantize your performance if you recorded to a metronome. This is a process where our software moves the notes in your performance closer in time to what you intended. The software allows you to choose what percentage you want to quantize your performance. This allows you to tighten up your performance without making it sound too mechanical.

Many artists will find the investment of the UF8 a great benefit for creating realistic, natural sounding music in less time.