Akoustic Piano Screen and boxNoisebox Studios now has the best piano samples available today. Akoustic Piano by Native Instruments has been proven to be the piano sample library of choice among the professionals. This 11.3 Gigabite library (for only four pianos) is the best sounding piano library.
Electronic Musician, October 1st 2006 magazine contained an article by three outstanding pianists. The article compared the top piano samples side by side. The conclusion of the article reads, “The standouts are clearly Native Instruments Akoustik Piano and Synthogy Ivory. The choice between them is largely a matter of personal taste, although all three of us preferred Akoustik Piano. Both packages are full-featured and offer excellent sound quality.” (read more of the article here)

CakewalkNet.com also did an article on Akoustic Piano. In the article, Akoustic Piano only gets praise. While comparing Akoustic Piano to Synthogy Ivory, Charlie says, “Do a side by side blind test; because if you’re really listening, I believe that you’ll walk away with Akoustik Piano firmly tucked underneath your arm. Ten Stars! BRAVO!” (read more of this article here)

These piano sounds combined with our new hammerweighted keyboard gives clients of Noisebox Studios the absolute best solution to recording piano quickly with amazing results. If you need piano in your recordings, there isn’t another option that will give you as much flexibility.

We take pride at Noisebox Studios to offer our clients not only the best value recordings for their money, but also access to some of the best samples in the market today. Check out our demos. Our new Truman demo includes samples from Akoustic Piano. We also have posted demos of our orchestra samples from Quantum Leap Orchestra Gold sample collection as well as a song demonstrating our large collection of synth sounds (Night Cry).