City of Ashburn 2City of Ashburn begins the process of Mixing their projects at Noisebox Studios in Orem. City of Ashburn has been busy for the past year recording their tracks with their own equipment. They are well known for their excellent songwriting teamed up with brilliant guitar melodies with a large palette of unique sounds. Their creativity has lead them to create large scale projects.
One of their songs, “On The Losing Team” (you can listen to this song on our demos page) is composed of 58 brilliantly composed tracks.  Their new album will all be mixed at Noisebox Studios.
Many more bands and artists are becoming interested in recording their own music, but don’t have the experience and knowledge to add the proper mixing and mastering techniques to create a professional result. Mixing is an art in itself and just like a musical instrument, it takes years of experience to learn and master. Not only are the techniques important, but the software (plug-ins), proper monitors (speakers), gear, and room treatment are essential to this process and can be very pricey. Noisebox Studios is a solution to the many artists and bands in these categories that prefer recording themselves, but would like the mixing and mastering done professionally.

Our mixing techniques will add excitement, creativity, punch, and clarity to your album. Our mixing includes many steps. Some of our techniques include:

1) Shaping each individual track using EQ, Compression, analog simulated plug-ins and modulation when needed; 2) Adding a variety of different reverbs, delays, split harmonies, panning and etc. to give the tracks their space; 3) Advanced routing techniques to add punch and control; 4) Detailed automation with our Digital Mixer to add dynamic excitement to the mix as well as bringing the important tracks forward at the right time; 5) and more.

We mix with the highest quality software and equipment. We use Sonar with its 64 bit Double Precision Floating Point Engine. We also use the industry standard Waves Plug-ins with a variety of plug-ins from other great companies such as Voxengo and Sony. We listen to the mix with two sets of high quality monitors and a variety of headphones. We use the Event ASP8’s as our main monitors but also our M-Audio BX5’s to listen to the mix with less low end. We also listen with Studio Headphones as well as a variety of consumer headphones ranging with different characteristics to get a mix that will sound great on many different systems. Our rooms are acoustically treated so that we can hear the mix accurately.

If you are interested in having Noisebox Studios to do your mixing, contact us and we can discuss more of the details. We offer a no risk policy on your first song where you can have us mix the songs with no commitment to pay unless you choose to keep the mix.