ADL 600The ADL 600 is one of the new addition to the studio. This high end mic preamp is an amazing 3 tubes per channel pre amp designed by Anthony DeMaria. This preamp was awarded a TEC nomination for outstanding technical achievements in microphone preamplifier technology. It is great on just about everything you would like to record. It will make your recordings sound larger than life while maintaining a very open and clear top end. The low end is tight and punchy and although it adds slight compression, their is something magical about the way this pre enhances the transients instead of smashing them. It is on the cleaner side of tube pre’s in that it has an extremely quiet noise floor and adds a more subtle, yet noticeable tube color to the recording signal that passes through it. This pre amp is used on many large budget recordings and hits today. In other words, if you are ready to sound your best, come record your next project with the ADL 600.