Recording Features for Solo Artists and Composers

What Do We Offer for Solo Artists, Vocalists, and Composers?

If you don’t have a band or musicians, you will find our services very helpful.  We create professional quality arrangements for songwriters and solo artists.  We are able to help you fill in the arrangement of your songs with additional instrumentation  drums, bass, strings, synths, percussion and more.  We can also help you with Songwriting and production ideas to take your song to the next level.

If you already have a background music track (without lead vocals) to sing to, we can seamlessly record and mix your vocals into the track.

Vocals Features:

We realize that in most cases, the vocals are the most important part of the song.  We have several techniques we use to get your vocals upfront, clear and focused.

We have two forms of pitch correction available.  Melodyne Editor and Auto-tune.  Melodyne is very natural and allows us to only tweak the pitchy spots if desired.  Auto-tune is great for back-up vocals or for quickly tuning up a vocal if there isn’t time to use Melodyne.  Auto-tune can also be used as an effect to create less natural sounding pitch effects such as Cher and T-pain as well as effects in between.  We have pitch corrected way over 1,000 vocal tracks and have an ear for this type of thing.

Songwriters and Composers:

We can take songs written or arranged in other music software and help you take it to the next level. We are able to work directly with files from Pro Tools (LE, HD or Essentials), Garage Band, Logic (Pro or Express) and Sonar (or any Cakewalk Project Files from any of their music software). We are also able to open and work with OMF files or you can simply bring in your midi/audio files individually and we will create a session file that we can work with.

(See Keyboard Features below)

Acoustic Guitar:

Acoustic Guitar is recorded in our Whisper Room which keeps the track very clean and quiet even with the most sensitive playing.  We record acoustic guitars with high quality microphones.  We can record your pickup as well, but we have always found the microphones to sound best, even when using high end pickups.  We have several great sounding compressor plug-ins that can also thicken up and bring out the detail of your acoustic guitar.

Keyboard Features:

We have some amazing Samplers available to put into your songs.  We can put in a realistic sounding orchestra (East West Orchestra Gold Expanded edition), B-3 organ, variety of the top Drum Samplers (Superior Drummer 2 and Stephen Slate Drums Platinum), the highest quality grand piano samplers (Synthogy Ivory’s Italian grand and Akoustik Piano) and tons of synthesized sounds including a hardware Roland XV-5050.  We also have 1,000’s of loops ready to inspire creativity.

We have a CME UF8 Midi Keyboard controller.  This 88 hammer weighted touch sensitive Keyboard has several adjustments to its sensitivity and lots of control to be able to manipulate LFO’s, fliters, Resonance, and control the Leslie of the organ and etc. You can trigger any of these mentioned Samplers with this keyboard.

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