4 Advantages for Choosing Noisebox Studios.

1.  Always the same experienced Engineer/Producer. When you schedule time at Noisebox Studios, you will have Dave Zimmerman as your experienced Engineer/Producer/Musician.  (Click here to read more about Dave Zimmerman) Many other studios have multiple engineers.  This means that you may end up with an engineer that doesn’t have much experience.  The experience of your recording engineer is crucial to not only a great sounding project, but also a cost efficient project.

2. We Don’t Simply Hit Record. In most cases, if you show up at a recording studio, the engineer is going to expect that you either have a producer, or that you want to record exactly what you have brought to the studio.  We view your project differently.  We are interested in the success of your project.  Production services are included as part of the hourly rate.  If a songwriter comes in ready to record a song and wants feedback, arranging etc.  Dave will be able to help with producing to make sure that your song is the absolute best it can be.  He will try to capture your vision of what you are trying to do first.  If needed, Dave is able to add professional drum tracks/instrumentation to almost any project.  In the case that you don’t want any feedback or arranging, that is okay too.  But it is nice to know that feedback and help is readily available when you want it.

3.  Lots of Virtual Instruments.  We have a large variety of high quality virtual instruments.  This allows you to create a large production regardless of whether you play the piano/guitar or not.  Dave can help you arrange anything from Orchestral Instruments to drums, bass, ethnic instruments and synthesizers.  This allows you to make your song as big or as little as you want it to be.

4.  We stay current with modern sounds and styles.  We are committed to honoring the great music of the past, but also respecting the current styles and keeping up with the industry trends.  In most cases, artists and bands that record here want to be modern and marketable.  We take the extra effort to be current on the latest trends and technology so that we can help you create music that will fit in with the current industry.