Whether you are a Band, Artist, or just need to record a voice for a book or video, we offer an amazing, creative space professionally designed to capture the best recordings possible. 

Music Production

Build out your song with powerful, modern arrangements. Work with our music producers to record reputable studio musicians, or high quality virtual instruments. We offer various options based on your budget. 

Mixing and Mastering

Let us take your recording to the finish line. Whether you have recorded at another studio or at a home studio, our past experience working on thousands of songs will allow us to make your project sound it’s best. 

Be Heard

We know the music industry is flooded with songs from other artists and bands. That is why it is important that you give yourself every advantage you can to stand above the noise and be heard.

We also know that you are unique and have a story and a message that deserves to be heard. You’ve worked hard on your songs and talents… We have worked hard on our skills too. 

Just like an artist doesn’t master their craft over night, recording engineers and music producers get better with every project they work on. We have worked on thousands of songs in many different genres. We keep up with industry standard techniques and have the skills to take your project to its highest level of production and professionalism.

Contact us to schedule a free consultation. We’d love to hear about your project and discuss the details of how we can team together to help you achieve your vision.

Meet Our Music Production Team

Our team includes a variety of skill sets that can accommodate a large variety of projects. 

Dave Zimmerman

Owner, Recording Engineer, Music Producer

Dave has been involved in many successful projects, including projects that have charted in the top 3 on Billboard. Other projects have reached millions of views on YouTube, have been featured on Spotify’s recommended playlist, and have charted on iTunes playlists. He’s worked on thousands of songs with hundreds of artists. He also spent over 8 years teaching private music production lessons at BYU.

Dave is well known for his speed and efficiency in recording, editing, producing, mixing and mastering. He is great for complex sessions whether it is recording live drums, programming a sophisticated synth part or sequencing strings. He has a strong background in percussion and piano allowing him to create full arrangements for clients. Because he often focuses on music from the rhythm section on up, he compliments the needs of many artists and songwriters. 

His favorite genres to work on are Pop, Electronic Genres, Orchestral, Country, Acoustic and Rock. 

Daniel Blomberg

Music Producer, Arranger, Keyboardist, Songwriter

Daniel’s songwriting, arranging and keyboard skills has reached millions of listeners. 

Daniel’s successes include radio play on Sunday Sounds (FM 100.3), on Sounds of Sunday (KLCE), and a Special Recognition at the 2019 Annual Church Music Submission Awards.

Daniel is a musical genius! Need someone to figure out chords for your song? Do you want some songwriting coaching? Do you need a complex arrangement? Need a pianist? Daniel excels in all of these areas and is able to work quickly in and out of the studio. While his skill set is beyond brilliant, he is patient with helping those who may be less familiar with the production process and delivers beyond expectations.

His favorite genres to work on are Contemporary Christian, Musicals and Broadway, Orchestral, Vintage Styles and Country.

Adam Keith

Recording Engineer, Music Producer, Guitarist

Adam Keith holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commercial Music from Brigham Young University. As a Teaching Assistant (TA) at BYU, he assisted fellow students with diverse projects. Adam Keith is a skilled musician who is a huge part of the band Man May Be. His musical expertise encompasses intricate time signatures, complex chord progressions, and harmonies. 

Adam Keith is a producer and engineer and the guitarist from the band Man May Be. Along with engineering and mixing, he can help with guitar session work and production. He is versatile in the studio and able to run all types of sessions.

His favorite genres to work on include Prog, Metal, Rock, Jazz/Fusion, R&B, NeoSoul, and Singer/Songwriter.

Some of our clients include

GENTRI, Mat and Savanna Shaw, The People’s Thieves, Ty Singerman, Lexi Walker, Nick Johnson, Gardiner Sisters, Madilyn Paige, Shaun Barrowes, Mimi Knowles, Brumby, Ashlund Jade, Festive People, Paul Harmon, The Brocks, The Vast Minority, The Strike, Kindle Creek, Tiffany Alvord, Caleb Blood, Covey Audio Books, Nate Noble, Amy Whitcomb, Brittney Snyder, Ete, and many, many, more.

“Having worked with Dave for many years, I have always been inspired by how driven he is to continually refine his craft and educate himself on new and inventive techniques.  Whether it be in mixing and mastering, engineering, updating his equipment, or arranging and producing–he is never stagnant.”
Stephen Nelson

Music Producer - GENTRI, Madilyn Paige, Brittney Snyder, Heather Shepherd

“Dave is a master of engineering.”
Paul Harmon


“Dave is one of the most talented engineers I know, and yet he’s the nicest guy you’ll ever meet. He’s fast, efficient, and I can always expect top quality recordings. “

Madilyn Paige

Artist - Featured on The Voice

“Dave at Noisebox is one of the top sound engineers. When I track my vocals, I like to stack harmonies, and create choir vocals and gang vocals, which requires speed and efficiency to get it done in time. Dave is one of the fastest at tracking and stacking vocals, and he’s excellent at getting the final mix that I want with the finished product. I highly recommend Noisebox Studios”
Shaun Barrowes

Artist, Composer

“My band is from Las Vegas. A 6-hour drive from Dave. But making those road trips to record at a studio as nice as that, is worth every minute. You simply don’t find producers like Dave, or equipment that Dave has. He gets your sound. He gets your vision.”
Trey Tingey

RAE - Band

”Dave has been incredible to work with. He has brought our music to life in a way that we couldn’t have even dreamed of doing on our own. One of my favorite feelings in the world is leaving his studio with a big smile on my face because of the work we got done. He is “The Wizard”.
Dallan Turnbull

The People's Thieves - Band

Our Studio is Professionally Designed With

Great Acoustics and Aesthetics

Excellent sound isolation, acoustic treatment and high ceilings for a great acoustic environment for recording. Our studio is beautiful with colored lights and a relaxing environment.

Designed for Efficiency

From using Pro Tools HDX to providing personal headphone mixers and having great lines of sight, you will find that things run effeciently and save time and money. We even use an online scheduler to make scheduling fast and convenient.

Top of the LIne Gear and Software

Everything from our microphones to our monitors includes the most reputable brands in the industry. We have a massive library of the best available plug-ins, virtual instruments and time saving software in the industry.

Silent Heating and Cooling

Because our HVAC is silent, we can leave the air conditioning or heat on during our sessions so that you can be comfortable while recording. Additionally, our studio is sound proofed such that we can handle some of the most delicate recordings with out being interrupted by outside noise. 



How much do you charge?

Our rates are between $85-$125 depending on the Engineer/Producer running the session. Sessions with Dave Zimmerman are $125/hr. The time it takes to complete a project varies from project to project.

Check out: The Recording Process for estimated times.

Can you help with Music Arranging and Producing?
Yes. Many of our clients may just come in with a guitar or piano and vocals and we can help flesh out the rest of the production. Contact us with more details and we can clarify whether we would be a great fit for producing your project.
Do you work on explicit material?

While we respect all points of view in this matter, we do not work on explicit material including music that is profane, vulgar, satanic, sexual or violent. 

It is important that you feel comfortable in the studio by working with somebody that has the same goals and musical taste as you. If your music is explicit, we can offer some recommendations of other studios/engineers that would be a better fit for your project.

Do you accept interns?
We do accept some unpaid internships. These internships are typically the opportunity to be present during sessions. We currently don't offer formal training with our internships. To apply to be an intern, you must fill these following requirements:

  1. Be 18 or older
  2. You must own some degree of a recording rig which would include a microphone, an interface and recording software.
  3. Must either be currently enrolled in a program dedicated to music production or recording--OR--Have recorded at least 6 songs where at least 2 of them were for somebody other than yourself or a relative.

If you feel you meet these requirements and would like to pursue this further, contact us through our "Contact Us" form.

Are you hiring?
We are not currently looking to hire for any positions. When we do hire, we will likely consider our interns first. However, our studio may be available for rent for you to use with your own clients. Contact us for more details.
What payment do you accept?
We accept cash, credit and debit cards including Visa, Discover, American Express and Master Card.  We can also accept Paypal and Venmo. We do not accept check.

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    We currently do not work on projects with explicit lyrics including content that is suggestive, profane, vulgar, satanic or violent.

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    (Keep in mind that $250-$500 is ideal for recording a Vocal to a music track or to a single instrument such as piano or guitar. $501-$1000 is ideal for small to mid size productions. $1000 on up are for full sized productions. The higher your budget, the more we can integrate songwriting help, studio musicians, a dedicated music producer and involve renowned talent into your song.)

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    I am often in sessions and unavailable to answer calls, but I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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