Noisebox Studios has been currently serving some of the most popular artists and companies in Utah. Some of these clients and artists to use our studio and services include: Arglye, Nik Day, Tiffany Alvord, Wired For Havoc, The Strike, The Second Round, Cosmo Frequency, Caleb Blood, Covey Audio Books, Brumby, Mimi Knowles, Nate Noble, Paul Harmon, Jonathan Keith, Amirah Ali, BYU’s Animation Department, Our Dilemma, Tom Kane, Truman, SideLined, Kindle Creek, Steven Stucki, Blind Actuaries, Breneau, Amy Whitcomb, Brittney Snyder, Ete, Robert and the Carols, Shere Hulet, Synergy, The Gardiner Sisters, and many, many more.